Pulling the Perfect Espresso
The art of making great tasting coffee requires attention to quality from crop to cup. Our baristas are trained and passionate about pulling the perfect cup of espresso. So take the time to enjoy coffee made just for you, at Cafe Crema.
Key steps in pulling the perfect espresso
Grinding the Beans

Beans are ground only when your order is placed, in order to have optimum aromas and flavours. This is why pre-ground coffees do not taste fresh. The choice of ground size is important too, as too coarse a grind would result in a weak and thin espresso shot.


This process refers to filling and pressing the portafilter with freshly ground coffee. At Cafe Crema, we use 8-9 grams for a single espresso shot. The amount of grounds and the density of the pack is important to ensure consistency.


As your espresso drips into the glass it should not fall straight down, rather it follows a slight curvature termed the ‘mouse’s tail’. The perfect shot is a rich golden colour with a well-formed head of Crema - your espressos’s visual signature.


Coarse grind